Sociology is one of many subjects you can declare a minor in.


For an undergraduate minor in sociology, a minimum of 15 semester hours in sociology must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better. Nine (9) of the 15 credit hours must be taken from UC Denver faculty.  Six (6) of the 15 credit hours must be upper division.

Required Courses

Minimum Six (6) credit hours total

  • SOCY 1001, Understanding the Social World (previously Introduction to Sociology) (3 credit hours)
  • One (1) of the following courses:
    • SOCY 2001 - Inequalities in the Social World (3 credit hours)
    • SOCY 3119 - Qualitative Methods (4 credit hours)
    • SOCY 3115 - Quantitative Methods and Analysis (4 credit hours)
    • SOCY 3140 - Sociological Theory (3 credit hours)

Elective Courses

Sociology minors also choose a minimum of nine (9) elective credit hours in Sociology.

Major & Minor Brochure