Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Director
Sociology Department

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Teaching/Expertise Areas: Health, Demography, and Quantitative Methods

Harvard University (2013-2015) - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar
Pennsylvania State University (2008-2013) - Ph.D., Sociology and Demography

Dr. Lippert is a sociologist and demographer whose research is centered on three aims: (1) understanding the role that contexts (e.g., schools, neighborhoods) play in shaping human health and health behaviors; (2) examining the joint contributions of poverty, work, and family circumstances to health and family well-being; and (3) exploring how families manage risk to protect parental and child health.  He completed his PhD at the Pennsylvania State University in 2013 and post-doctoral training at Harvard University through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars program (2013-15).  He enjoys working with students who share his interests and welcomes the chance to discuss student-led projects related to health, demography, and quantitative methods.

  • Grants
    • Ongoing
      • "Vaping in Canada: Investigating the geographic distribution and sociodemographic correlates of e-cigarette use." Co-PI (with Daniel J. Corsi Co-PI). Funded by: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, C$100,000. 4/2021 - 3/2022. 
    • Under review
      • "SCC-IRG Track 1: Collaborative Research: Smart City Advanced Air Mobility." Co-PI (with Tom Haritos PD). Submitted to National Science Foundation, $2,279,654. 
    • Completed
      • "Food Insecurity among Urban Homeless and Precariously Housed Children and Families." Co-I (with Barrett A. Lee PI). Funded by: NICHD (R03HD087625), $170,000. Completed 10/2019.
  • Training and teaching interests: Medical sociology; health disparities; social demography; demographic techniques; spatial analysis; quantitative methods; urban sociology
  • Programming: RStudio, Stata

Publications (since 2015)

(GS graduate student coauthor; UG undergraduate student coauthor)

Lee, Barrett A. and Adam M. Lippert. Forthcoming. “Food insecurity among homeless and precariously housed children in the United States: Lessons from the past,” Demographic Research.

Lippert, Adam M. and Barrett A. Lee. 2021. “Adult and child food insecurity among homeless and precariously-housed families at the close of the 20th century” Population Research and Policy Review.

Kim, Jinho, Rockli Kim, Hannah Oh, Adam M. Lippert, and S.V. Subramanian. 2020“Estimating the Influence of Adolescent Delinquent Behavior on Adult Health Using Sibling Fixed Effects” Social Science & Medicine.

Lippert, Adam M. and Grace E. VenechukGS.  2020“Job decision latitude lowers worker stress, but for whom? Results from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health," Population Research and Policy Review. 

Kim, Rockli, Adam M. Lippert, Marcia P. Jimenez, Robbee Wedow, and S.V. Subramanian. 2020. "The relative contribution of socioeconomic and genetic factors to variation in body mass index among young adults," American Journal of Epidemiology.

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Lippert, Adam M. and Sarah Damaske. 2019. “Finding Jobs, Forming Families, and Stressing Out? Work, Family, and Stress among Young Adult Women in the US,” Social Forces 98(2):885-914.

Lippert, Adam M., Daniel J. Corsi, and Grace E. VenechukGS. 2019. “Schools influence adolescent e-cigarette use, but when? Examining the interdependent association between school context and teen vaping over time” Journal of Youth and Adolescence 48(10):1899-1911.

Lippert, Adam M., Margaret Gough (equal authorship), and Molly A. Martin. 2019. "The Role of Time-Use Behaviors in the Risk of Obesity among Low-Income Mothers," Women’s Health Issues 29(1):23-30.

adams, jimi and Adam M. Lippert. 2019“Under the radar: Representing latent class analysis posterior response probabilities” Socius 5:1-3.

Lippert, Adam M. 2018. "Association between school-level prevalence of electronic cigarette use and student-level use behaviors, pre-use intentions, and risk perceptions: Evidence from the 2014 U.S. National Youth Tobacco Survey," Nicotine & Tobacco Research 5(20):231-238 (online first 2016).

Bostean, Georgiana, Luis Sanchez, and Adam M. Lippert. 2018. "Sociodemographic disparities in e-cigarette retail environment: Vape stores and census tract characertistics in Orange County, CA," Health & Place 50:65-72.

Martin, Molly A., Adam M. Lippert, Kelly Chandler, and Megan Lemmon. 2018. "Home alone: Parents’ work hours, availability and adolescents’ weight-related behaviors," Social Science & Medicine 4:291-300.

Lippert, Adam M., Clare Rosenfeld, Fahad Razak, and S.V. Subramanian. 2017. "Association between continuity and change in early neighborhood poverty and adult cardiometabolic biomarkers in the US:  Results from the 1995-2008 National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health," American Journal of Epidemiology 185(9).

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Lippert, Adam M. 2016. "Stuck in unhealthy places: How entering, exiting, and remaining in poor neighborhoods is associated with obesity during the transition to adulthood," Journal of Health & Social Behavior 57(1). 

Lippert, Adam M. and Daniel Corsi (equal authorship). 2016. "An examination of the shift in school-level clustering of US adolescent e-cigarette use and its multilevel correlates, 2011-2013," Health & Place 38:30-38.

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Lippert, Adam M. 2015. "Do adolescent smokers use e-cigarettes to help them quit? The sociodemographic correlates and cessation motivations of US adolescent e-cigarette use," American Journal of Health Promotion 29:374-9.


In Progress

Journal of Marriage & Family (under review)

Journal of Immigrant & Minority Health (under review)

American Journal of Epidemiology (under review)



2021     Dean’s Graduate Mentoring Award, Graduate School at the University of Colorado Denver

2020     Excellence in Teaching Award, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver

2019     Dean’s Graduate Mentoring Award, Graduate School at the University of Colorado Denver

SOCY 4220/5220: Population Analysis

SOCY 4050/5050: Health Disparities

SOCY 3440: Medical Sociology

SOCY 5000: Professional Seminar: Graduate Sociological Inquiry

SOCY 4830: Work-Family Policies and Practices

SOCY 4995/5995: Surveying Spain: Population, Policy, & Social Issues (Summer study abroad, canceled due to COVID pandemic)

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Segregation in Denver (RStudio lab activity)

Segregation in Denver (Lecture)