The physics department has a variety of student employment opportunities each semester. To learn more about each position, application requirements, and deadlines select the position you are interested in below. 

  • Tutoring: Peer assistance with learning in one-on-one and group settings. Tutoring is run through the University of Colorado Denver's Learning Resource Center. 
  • Learning Assistant: Assist faculty and teaching assistants in courses and laboratory sections, hold tutoring sessions, and office hours. The Learning Assistants program is run through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 
  • Teaching Assistant: Teach sections of our Introductory Experimental Physics Laboratory I and II courses. 
  • Laboratory Assistant: Work with the Physics Laboratory Managers to ensure smooth operation of our instructional labs and to continually improve what we offer students taking our physics courses at CU Denver.
  • Research Assistant: Be part of a faculty research group working to help the research progress. These positions might be to solve a particular issue such as writing computer code, may be an academic semester long engagement in the research, or a summer 8-10 week part-time or full-time role as a member of a research team. Open positions vary based on funding and funding sources.