Master of Arts in Spanish Degree Requirements

All coursework must be completed with an overall grade point average of 3.0

  1. Students may elect a thesis or non-thesis track.
  2. Thesis (for those choosing this track):

    As prescribed by the rules of the Graduate School the master's thesis may be of a research, expository, critical or creative nature, and must:

    • deal with a clearly defined topic related to the major field
    • be based on independent study and investigation
    • represent the equivalent of six semester hours of coursework
    • receive the approval of the program faculty not later than 30 days before the commencement at which the degree is to be conferred
  3. Comprehensive Final Examination:

    All candidates for the master's degree in Spanish must take a comprehensive final examination after they have completed all other requirements of the program. Rather than use a global reading list, students will develop an individualized reading list in conjunction with their committee, based on program coursework. Degree candidates may take the examination near the end of their last semester of residence while they are still taking required courses, provided they are making satisfactory progress in those courses.

Additionally, the following rules of the Graduate School apply.

  • Students must be registered when they take the examination.
  • The Modern Languages Department must file in the graduate school notice of the examination at least three days in advance.
  • A committee of three members of the graduate faculty will administer the examination.

For more detailed information regarding admission to candidacy for the master's degree, thesis credit, time limits and deadlines, please see the College of Liberal Arts Graduate Advising Website.