Description of Master of Arts in Spanish

The Master of Arts Program in Spanish at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center offers an alternative to exclusively literary studies that traditionally lead to doctoral programs. By integrating language, literature and cultural studies with ancillary work in other disciplines, the degree provides the broader expertise that will lead to or enhance careers in teaching, government, social services, business and international trade. Students will tailor the program to their specific interests and needs by developing a topical focus including courses within and outside the Dept. of Modern Languages. This program is not offered online.

Student Learning Goals will be: 1) to understand the intricacies of the Spanish language and its history, 2) to develop a working knowledge of some of the most important works created in Spanish, in disciplines including literature, film, linguistics, and cultural history, 3) to develop the linguistic proficiency in Spanish to engage in intellectual discussion in both academic and non-academic settings using standard pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, and 4) to think, speak and write analytically and critically about culture.
Please see the attached checklist of materials required for application. Most materials should be downloaded on line.

Admission and Grade Requirements:

• Application Deadlines are: for Fall & Summer Admission – March 15th, and for Spring Admission - October 15th
• Students must have at least a 2.5 undergraduate grade-point average on all previous work and a 3.0 grade-point average in courses taken in Spanish at the baccalaureate level.
• Present three letters of recommendation, at least two of which should come from former college-level instructors.

Requirements for the MA in Spanish:

• To be admitted to the master’s program in Spanish, students must hold a baccalaureate degree in Spanish from an accredited institution, or hold a baccalaureate degree in another discipline and have language skills that meet the Departmental standards.
• Student must demonstrate promise or ability to pursue advanced study and research, as shown by previous scholastic records.
• Demonstrate Spanish oral and written proficiency at the Advanced level, as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
• If a native speaker, must be proficient with the English language and able to speak, read and write at a graduate school level.

A Note about Transcripts:

Be aware that the office of Admissions in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, at the University of Colorado Denver requires official original transcripts from every institution of higher education that you have ever attended.
This means:
• The transcript must be an “Official Transcript” issued from one university to another, not an “Issued to Student” copy or a photocopy of one in your possession.
• We need an official transcript from every institution of higher education where you have taken a college-level course, whether you took one class or completed an undergraduate degree.
• If you are currently completing your final semester of undergraduate work, please have one official copy of your current transcript sent with the application, and have two official copies sent once you have graduated, showing completion of your bachelor’s degree. These are required before acceptance to the program can be granted.
• If you received your undergraduate degree outside of the United States, you will need to have an official original transcript sent in a sealed envelope directly to our department (address is above) from your international institution of higher education. The office of Admissions will not accept a copy of your international transcript. We know this may present a problem for you if you only have one original copy of your transcript from your country of origin.
• For international transcripts, the office of Admissions additionally requires an official English translation of your transcript from a transcription service (such as World Education Services,, for example).

Spanish and English Proficiency Requirements:

Levels of Spanish and English proficiency will be determined through an oral interview with the Graduate Committee for each applicant. In order to successfully engage in classroom activity at the graduate level, students in the Spanish MA program at UCD are expected to have advanced levels of speaking, reading and writing in both Spanish and English.
If the applicant proves deficient in any area or language, the Grad Committee has the right to refuse admittance.
Information for Graduate Students from the University of Colorado Denver catalog states: “A student who is noticeably deficient in the use of standard English in all oral and written work may not obtain an advanced degree from the University of Colorado Denver. Ability to use the language with precision and distinction should be cultivated as an attainment of major importance. The university reserves the right to test English proficiency for non-native speakers of English to confirm and validate sufficiency for credit-bearing course work and degree programs. Each department will judge the qualifications of its advanced students in the use of English. Reports, examinations and speech will be considered in estimating the candidate’s proficiency.”
Any non-native speaker of English who has not earned a degree from a University in the United States is required by the Department of Modern Languages to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and pass it with a minimum written score of 550, internet score of 80 or a computer score of 213 in order to be admitted into the Spanish MA program. See

International Students:

If you are currently living out of the U.S. and/or have an international address, you are considered an international student and must apply to the Spanish MA program through the UCD Office of International Education, located at the Lawrence Street Center, 9th floor. The application fee is $75 and a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. Please contact the office of International Admissions at 303-315-2382 or visit their website  for more information.

Teaching Assistantship (TA) Position:

Teaching Assistantship (TA) positions may become available in the Spanish MA program. All applicants are interviewed by the Spanish MA faculty and positions are competitive. If you are interested in applying for a TA position, please pick up an application in our office or download it online . All applicants are interviewed by the Spanish MA faculty and positions are competitive.  Included with the Teaching Assistantship is a departmental scholarship that will cover the tuition for the course in which the student is concurrently enrolled.


Curriculum Description

Application Check List


**For more information on Provisional Acceptance, Graduation Requirements, and the acceptance of Transfer Credit, please contact Dr. Andrés Lema-Hincapie, Graduate Advisor.