Readmission to CLAS graduate program

If less than one calendar year has passed since a student in good standing was last enrolled in courses at UC Denver, the student must only notify the program they wish to re-enter. However, students who have been admitted to a graduate program, but NEVER enrolled for courses, must go through the regular online process for admission.

Students who were previously admitted and enrolled, but have not registered for three consecutive semesters, must apply for readmission. This requires submission of Part I of the graduate admission form to their department or program, along with the application fee. Those who have not been active for more than four years must complete the full application process.

PhD students may apply for a time extension or leave of absence as long as the total time to complete the degree does not exceed 8 years. Up to one year of an approved leave of absence may be taken without reapplying to the program upon return.

To reapply for admission, students may: 1) apply online (contact the Graduate School admissions office for help with this process); or 2) submit a hard copy Graduate Application Part I to your department/program graduate director, along with a check for the application fee of $50 (U.S. students) or $75 (international students):

Also, submit a new tuition classification form if you are claiming in-state tuition:

There is no need to submit letters of recommendation or transcripts for readmission, unless you have been inactive for more than four years. 

Department Information:

Upon receipt of these documents and application fee, the department/program graduate director signs the application for approved readmission and sends the application and tuition classification forms to the Graduate Admissions Office (Campus Box 163). The check is also sent to the Graduate Admissions office at Campus Box 163​ Admissions will then send the official notification of admission to the student and notify the Registrar to activate the student's record to enable them to register. Students will be unable to register for any courses or credits until they have an active student record for that term.​​​