The explosive growth in data collection over the past 10 years is unlikely to slow any time soon. This has created a dramatic increase in demand for individuals who can understand how to make decisions and predictions in the context of uncertainty through use of experimental design, statistical methods and programming, especially in the context of large data sets. This need spans many fields such as national security applications (including real-time monitoring of internet trends), environmental applications of climate modeling over space and time, medical and genomic applications that use electronic medical records to correlate demographics, genetic data and clinical outcomes over millions of individuals, and manufacturing with real-time monitoring of features over a variety of processes to both troubleshoot and optimize manufacturing.

Our MS in Statistics offers a general degree in statistics. 

Students are exposed to a variety of coursework and have the opportunity to participate in real-world research and consulting through our innovative Statistical Consulting. Whatever specialization students choose, graduates with statistics degree will be prepared for a multitude of careers.