Published: June 4, 2021

Tiffany wrote to the Department about her exciting news of receiving the Alice Eastwood Scholarship and Fellowship Program and, her acceptance into the Integrative Biology Graduate Program in the fall. Tiffany will be working with Dr. Jennifer Ackerfield and Dr. Leo Bruederle for her thesis research and her Graduate Program will be fully funded by the Denver Botanic Gardens.  She also wanted to recognize Senior Instructor, Dr. Molly Nepokroeff for all the help and encouragement she gave her in going forward after graduation, "Dr. Nepokroeff knew I was interested in furthering my education in plant science and forwarded me several scholarship opportunities. Two such opportunities were the Alice Eastwood Scholarship and Fellowship program. I won both"!  Read Tiffany's full recognition of Dr. Nepokroeff here.

Congratulations to both Tiffany and Dr. Nepokroeff!