Bachelor of Arts in History

By comparing the human conditions over decades or centuries, history students identify fundamental social trends and analyze critical causal factors. History students develop research, analytical and writing skills necessary not only for work, but for living. A history major builds confidence for making judgments in many fields of human endeavor.

Master of Arts in History

Graduate students in history develop skills in critical thinking, writing and independent research. Our program prepares students for a wide variety of professions, including teaching, government service, museum and archive management, and historic preservation, as well as further degree work in history, law, librarianship and business. 

Master of Arts in Public History

The Public History and Preservation program is offered as either a major or minor specialty of a master's degree.  ​Students can choose to concentrate in museum studies or historic preservation. ​Students with a major field in public history must complete a thesis or project. Public history majors can minor in any subspecialty the department currently offers.

Minor in History

History students not only learn what has happened, they also learn to appreciate and understand the process of change. It's this perspective that makes the history minor an excellent complement to nearly any major.

Online Minor in History

Our students enjoy the vast possibilities that the study of history has to offer. History touches every subject and can be explored from countless perspectives. The addition of an online history minor expands on our students' ability to learn about all apsects of history from anywhere and at anytime. This online program makes studying history accessible for non-traditional and traditional students. The Online Minor in History is the same program as our Minor in History, but it can be completed from anywhere.