Global History Certificate

About the Certificate

Students who earn this certificate will finish with a well-rounded knowledge of Global Hsitory as well as tangible proof of their expertise. The Global History Certificate can be applied to further graduate study in history and used as accredidation for employment in museums and other organizations. Many of the credits can be earned online, giving students flexibility and diverse course choices. 

Teachers in the CU Succeed in History Program may also benefit from this certificate. CU Succeed Program in History is a highly successful statewide program in which qualified high school teachers teach college-level history courses to their juniors and seniors. In order to qualify for the program and maintain their accreditation, these high school teachers have to take a certain number of graduate level courses in their field of study. This 12-credit program would allow teachers to earn a tangible certificate on the way to that larger goal.

Learning Outcomes 

Graduate Global History Certificate students will:

  • develop a creative, focused, and manageable question for historical research in Global History
  • synthesize evidence representing a variety of perspectives
  • explain the challenges of constructing historical narratives using incomplete and contradictory evidence
  • formulate a thesis and conclusion substantiated by primary and secondary source analysis
  • critique alternative conclusions

Graduate Global History Certificate students will:

  • identify and analyze the central issues, arguments, and points of view in primary and secondary sources pertaining to Global History
  • evaluate authors’ arguments and assess their evidence and conclusions
  • critique their own and others’ assumptions and the contexts in which they develop those assumptions
  • use the concept of historiography, in order to compare and contrast a variety of scholarly texts
  • analyze the ways the histories historians write are products of particular historical contexts

Graduate Global History Certificate students will:

  • establish the context, audience, and purpose of their written assignments
  • master the conventions of historical writing, including: clear paper organization (thesis, evidence, conclusion); logical paragraph organization; clear, direct, and engaging language; proper citation methods, using Chicago style
  • compose papers employing narrative, descriptive, and analytical writing to convey their historical knowledge and analytical skills

Graduate Global History Certificate students will:

  • determine the types of sources that are relevant to a research question in Global History
  • locate and evaluate appropriate materials for historical research, using book catalogs (Skyline, Prospector, WorldCat), article databases (particularly America: History and Life, Historical Abstracts, and JSTOR), and interlibrary loan
  • demonstrate understanding of the ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of published and unpublished materials, including what constitutes plagiarism and how to cite sources


This certificate consists of 12 credits/4 courses in Global History. 

HIST 6013: Introduction to the Professional Study of History*

(*In consultation with the Graduate Advisor, a student may be permitted to substitute HIST 6013 with another 6000-level course.)

  • At least one 6000-level course in which the student completes a research or historiographical essay relating to Global History, and,
  • Any other 6000-level course, or any of the following 5000-level courses: 

5027 Enlightenment and Revolution

5028 Nations and Classes: 19th Century Europe

5029 Age of Anxiety in Europe

5030 Europe During the World Wars

5031 Contemporary Europe

5032 Globalization in World History Since 1945

5035 Crisis and Transformation: Europe's 20th Century

5046 Victorians and Victorianism

5051 Britain and The Empire

5055 The Atlantic Slave Trade: Africa, Caribbean and U.S.

5062 Modern France: 1789 to the Present

5071 Modern Germany

5074 Post-War Germany

5075 Travel Stories and Origins of Cultural Anthropology

5076 History of Modern Science

5083 Russia Since 1917

5260 Digital Studies and Strategies

5303 Sex and Gender in Modern Britain

5347 History of Biology

5348 Mind and Malady: A History of Mental Illness

5411 Modern Mexico

5412 Mexico and the United States: People and Politics on the Border

5414 Nationalism and State Building in Latin America, 1750-1850

5415 Social Revolutions in Latin America

5417 Commodities and Globalization

5420 Traditional China: China to 1600

5421 Modern China

5422 Lvng thr Mao's China: Life, Mat. Cult, Movies, 1949-76

5431 Modern Japan

5451 Southern Africa

5455 African Struggle for Independence

5461 The Modern Middle East

5462 Islam in Modern History

5471 The Second World War

5472 The 1950s: Korean War, the Cold War and Social Transformation

5475 The Vietnam War

5490 Weapons of Mass Destruction

5621 Explorers and Exploration

5622 Oceans In History

How to Apply

Candidates for the US History Certificate should send the Graduate Advisor, Ryan D. Crewe, the following materials:

  • Complete undergraduate transcripts (unofficial dicuments will suffice)
  • Resume/CV - Including personal contact information
  • Personal Statement - two pages maximum describing your interest in the certificate 
  • Writing Sample - three pages maximum 

Candidates for the Global History Certificate need not have a background in history but should have a healthy interest in the topic. Applying for the certificate is not the same as applying for graduate school at the University of Colorado Denver. Students who are already accepted into the Master of Art in History Program should speak to their advisor about getting their credits to count toward this certificate as well as their masters degree.