Paulina Ocampo
Graduate Student • Fall 2021 Cohort
Health and Behavioral Sciences

Paulina is a doctoral student in the Health and Behavioral Science department and Program Director at Lifespan Local Inc. Paulina's areas of current work are community-based interventions on maternal-child health and COVID - health education in multicultural/multilingual communities. She supports Cuenta Conmigo Lactancia, a Latino group of lactation counselors in the Denver Metro Area and is a board member for the United States Breastfeeding Commitee (USBC). 

Paulina's areas of research interest include: 

  • How social infrastructures - social networks - in multicultural immigrant communities shape the conditions for health and wellbeing. 
  • How community-based participatory perspectives can amplify the social capital of multicultural immigrant communities. 
  • How the context of immigration and reception in host community shape the parent-child relationship and what are the implications for long-term health.