Laura Meyer, MSW

Laura Meyer Headshot
Graduate Student • Fall 2021 Cohort • Teaching Assistant
Health and Behavioral Sciences

I am a Ph.D. student in Health and Behavioral Sciences and my research interests center on empathic communication, patient-provider relationships, and health workforce development. Specifically, I develop research-based empathic training tools for health providers to prepare them for the difficult, emotional situations that arise within their practice. Based on these training tools, I lead workshops on empathic communication for a range of providers including medical trainees, university choral directors, community members, and COVID-19 case investigators. I am a researcher and program manager for the Arizona State University COVID-19 Case Investigation & Community Response Program under the direction of Professor Megan Jehn where I develop and test training interventions to boost the public health workforce and response. Ultimately, I hope to continue researching strategies that can strengthen the patient-provider relationship and foster patient and community well-being.

M.S.W., Arizona State University, 2020

B.A., Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2015

Graduate Fellow, National Cancer Institute (NCI) R25E (CA056452, Dr. Shine Chang, PI), Cancer Prevention Research Training Program, The University of Texas at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, 2019

PBHL 3030: Health Policy (teaching assistant)