HBS Colloquia Series for Fall 2020

The dates below are all for Friday. Please email HBSAdminSupport@ucdenver.edu for the Zoom link to attend as we are remote this semester due to COVID-19.

Time: 2:30-4:00pm Mountain Standard Time


September 25th


Medical Maximizing and Minimizing: A Framework for Understanding Patient Values and Preferences for Healthcare


Laura D. Scherer, Ph.D.

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Colorado Program for Patient Centered Decisions at ACCORDS


October 2nd  


Transdisciplinary Approaches to Physical Activity: Integrating Psychology, Biology, and Cognitive Neuroscience  


Angela Bryan, Ph.D.

University of Colorado, Boulder

Psychology and Neuroscience


October 9th


Advantages of Being "In the Field": Ethnography and the Dissertation Prospectus


Jean Scandlyn, Ph.D. & Hyeyoung Oh Nelson, Ph.D.   

University of Colorado, Denver

Health and Behavioral Sciences


October 23rd



Liminal Legality and the Emotional Well-being of Undocumented Immigrant Young Adults in Colorado


Edelina Burciaga, Ph.D.

University of Colorado, Denver


October 30th



Interpersonal and Institutional Discrimination among U.S. Adults with Disability


Deborah Carr, Ph.D

Boston University


December 4th


Student Presentations

Summer Research Award Recipients