Learning Goals & Outcomes

Geography BA Program Learning Goals and Associated CLAS Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

Program Learning Goal #1: Knowledge Base of Geography, Environmental Science, and Sustainability
  • Compare the major concepts, theoretical and spatial perspectives, and historical trends in Geography.

  • Explain the distinctive physical characteristics of places and regions in terms of geomorphological, hydrological, climatological, and biogeographical processes.
  • Explain the distinctive human and cultural characteristics of places and regions in terms of social, cultural, economic, and political processes.
  • Analyze, and interpret interconnections between human activities and the natural and built environment at different geographical and temporal scales.
  • Evaluate the sustainability and resilience of human-environment systems in the past, present, and future

Associated with ELO I Knowledge of Human Cultures & the Physical and Natural World

Through study in the sciences and mathematics, social sciences, humanities, histories, languages, and the arts

Program Learning Goal #2: Analytic Approaches and Methods
  • Apply geospatial science & technologies.
  • Apply qualitative and/or quantitative geographic analytical methods (eg laboratory, field, and computational).
  • Communicate complex geographical information through writing, graphics, presentations, animations, and mapping.
  • Analyze, and interpret complex problems in research and practice using critical inquiry, systems thinking, synthesis, and interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems in research and practice.

Associated with ELO II: Intellectual & Practical Skills (6 of 10)

YES: Inquiry and analysis, Written communication, Oral communication, Quantitative literacy, Information literacy, problem solving

NO: Reading ability, Creative thinking, teamwork

Associated with ELO II: Intellectual & Practical Skills (1of 10)

Critical thinking 

Program Learning Goal #3: Global & Diverse Socio-Cultural Perspectives
  • Deconstruct evolving and interconnected social, cultural, economic, and political relationships at the global scale.
  • Draw on diverse perspectives to examine complex social and environmental issues and practice global citizenship.

Associated with ELO III:  Personal & Social Responsibility (2 of 4)

YES:  Intercultural knowledge and competence, Civic knowledge and engagement—local and global

NO:  Ethical reasoning and action, foundations and skills for lifelong learning

Program Learning Goal #4: Application and Community Engagement
  • Understand key geographical concepts, their multidisciplinary nature, and apply to the real-world.
  • Participate in best practices for engagement with local, regional, and/or global communities.

Associated with ELO IV:  Integrative & Applied Learning (1 of 1)

Synthesis and advanced accomplishment across general and specialized studies