Ph.D. • Associate Dean of Faculty and Student Affairs
Department of Geography & Environmental Sciences

Mailing Address:
CU Denver College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Campus Box 144
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Physical Location:
Auraria Campus
North Classroom Building
Room 3622

Expertise Areas:
Landscape Ecology; Environmental Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Physical Geography.

B.S. in Biology; University of Utah 1974
Ph.D. in Geography; University of Utah 1980

Dr. Wyckoff has held faculty positions at the University of Utah (1977-1978), the University of North Dakota (1979-1991), the University of West Florida (1991-1994), and the University of Colorado Denver (1994-present). He served as Department Chair of Geography at the University of North Dakota (1987-1991), Program Director at the University of West Florida (1993-1994), Chair of Geography, Geology and Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver (1994-2000), Director of the Masters Program in Environmental Sciences (2001-2011), Chair of the Department of Physics (1996-1997 and 2011-2015), and as Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2011-present). Dr. Wyckoff has developed new programs or helped build programs at all of the institutions where he has held faculty and administrative positions, including being the co-creator of CU Denver's Facility for Advanced Spatial Technology (FAST). Dr. Wyckoff's wide-ranging research interests have included studies of the applications of remote sensing and GIS in landscape ecology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction in the Northern Great Plains, and most recently in studies of meteorite impact in Antarctica. 

Weihaupt, J.G., F.G. Van der Hoeven, F.G. Chambers, C. Lorius, J. W. Wyckoff, and D. Castendyk. 2015 The Wilke Land Anomaly Revisited. Antarctic Science.27 (3), 291-305

Weihaupt et al. In preparation. Multiple Meteoroid Impacts in Antarctica.

Weihaupt et al. In preparation. The Mertz and Ninnis Phantom Ice Shelf, Antarctic. To be submitted to the Jour. of Glaciology.

Wyckoff, J., Nuszdorfer, F., Johnson, L., Muller, B., Mit, A., Rozelle, J. and Hinke, M. 2010. Habitat Suitability Indices for Imperiled, Critically Imperiled, Endangered, and Threatened Species and Species of Concern in Colorado. Colorado  Department of Transportation, DTD. 110p.

Muller, B., Johnson, L., Wyckoff, J., and Nuszdorfer, F. 2008. Areawide Coordinated Cumulative Effects Analysis-Phase I. Colorado Department of Transportation DTD Research and Innovation Branch. Rept. No. CDOT-2008-6, 120p. 

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Cartography and Computer mapping
Environmental Remote Sensing
Introduction to Environmental Science
Introduction to Physical Geography
Introduction to Remote Sensing
Environmental Quality
Weather & Climate
Seminar in Resource Management & Planning
Conservation of Natural Resources
Graphics and Air photo Interpretation
Natural Hazards
Coastal Geography
Methods and Analysis in Remote Sensing
Environmental Sciences Seminar
Seminar in Land Use and Regional Development
Graduate Seminar in Physical Geography
Seminar in Research & Writing
Graduate Seminar in Remote Sensing
Risk Assessment
Mapping and Map Analysis