Christy E Briles

Ph.D. • Assistant Professor (Dr. Briles is on sabbatical for 2021)
Department of Geography & Environmental Sciences

Mailing Address:
Dept. of Geography & Environmental Sciences
Campus Box 172
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Physical Location:
Auraria Campus
North Classroom Building
Room 3514-B

Lab: North Classroom 3208

Expertise Areas:
Paleoecology, Biogeography, Climate Change, Palynology

PhD 2008, MS 2003 -- University of Oregon (Geography)
BS 1999 -- University of Denver (Environmental Science)

As a second-generation Coloradan raised on a small rural farm surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, I have always been interested in understanding natural and anthropogenic landscapes. Now as a biogeographer and paleoecologist, I use environmental proxies (e.g., pollen, charcoal and geochemistry) to understand how biotic (e.g., humans and animals) and abiotic factors (e.g., climate, fire, and geology) influence species and ecosystems at different scales of both space and time. My interests stem from a desire to understand the natural world to sustain and promote valuable natural resources and be a versed steward of the environment. These interests have resulted in a variety of experiences and perspectives that have been integral in defining my teaching and research. Teaching continuously challenges me to think of new and exciting ways of conveying scientific information to students. I involve undergraduates and graduate students in all aspects of my research. I thoroughly enjoy mentoring students who aim to become future scientists and, in my classes, getting students to see the value of scientific thinking. Outside of academia, I enjoy working with the community, grade school kids and organizations on a range of environmental topics. Promoting and strengthening earth system science in academia and the community is a career goal.


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GEOG 1202: Introduction to Physical Geography (Spring semester)
GEOG 3232: Weather and Climate (Fall semester)
GEOG/ENVS 4720/ 5720: Climate Change: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions (Spring semester)
GEOG/ENVS 4731/5731: Mountain Biogeography (Fall semester)
ENVS 6800: Community-Based Practicum (Spring semester)