We are eager to hear from you, your interests, and your dreams for your professional future. If you don't have these clear at this point, come talk to us. We can help you see how the ESIL certificate can be a great asset for your professional future!

Meet the faculty advisors for the ESIL certificate program. Students may contact any of the advisors below with questions about coursework, programming, or how to apply.


Brenda Allen

Brenda J. Allen

Professor Emerita • Certificate Advisor
Department of Communication
Picture of Mays

David Mays

Co-Director • Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Picture of Moreno-Sanchez

Rafael Moreno-Sanchez

Associate Professor • Certificate Advisor
Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences
Grace Redshirt Tyon

Grace RedShirt Tyon

Director of American Indian Student Services • Certificate Advisor
American Indian Student Services
Picture of Roane

Timberley Roane

ESIL Program Director • Associate Professor
Department of Integrative Biology