The ESIL cerEnvironmental Science graduate student, Jojo La, sampling a headwater streamtificate program has partnered with tribal, federal and state partners to provide internships as tribal liaisons. Internships are expected to be semester-long experiences that, in certain circumstances may be paid and could provide academic credit, dependent on specific internship arrangements.  These internships are expected to occur primarily over summer but could also occur during the academic year as positions allow.

Two internships will be highly recommended, with a minimum of one internship required.  Internship opportunities may include positions with tribal, federal and state agency partners.  Internship projects may be located within or outside metropolitan Denver, including headquarter-based positions.

Internships are an important part of the ESIL training.  They provide students with real-world experiences and help them to develop a professional network before certificate completion.  Internships can facilitate obtaining an employed position with the agencies or groups where the work is conducted, or better prepare them for similar positions in other agencies.

To identify available internship positions, students will consult with their ESIL advisor.