Continuing onto Graduate School

Personal Statement for Graduate School

The links below are for two websites helpful in writing the personal statement for graduate school. Many more can be found by googling 'examples of personal statements for graduate school'

Ranking U.S. Economics Programs by Faculty and Graduate Publications:

An Update Using 1994-2009 Data  –  Michael A. McPherson

"This article ranks academic institutions by pages published in top economics journals over the 1994-2001 and 2002-2009 periods. Because it uses a methodology similar to several earlier articles, this article permits a consideration of how institutions' ranks have changed over the past 35 years. I construct rankings based on publications by individuals affiliated with each institution, by faculty members in the economics departments at each institution, and by alumni of each doctoral program. With few exceptions, the positions of programs near the top of the rankings change little over time. However, much more dramatic changes in rank occur for lower-ranked institutions."