About the Digital Studies Certificate

What is the Digital Studies Certificate?

  • Take courses that explore the relationship between technology and society
  • Develop marketable skills like web design, media production, and data analysis
  • Showcase your talents to employers and graduate schools
  • Boost your transcript and resume with an extra university certification

How does it work?

  • Take 4 courses (12 credit-hours) across 3 categories: Theory and Analysis, Digital Media Production, Integration
  • Choose from more than 50 courses across 12 departments and 5 schools/colleges - check now, you may already be halfway to the certificate!
  • Courses can be any format (in-person, online, etc.)
  • Credits are "stackable" - courses taken for your major, Core, etc. can also go towards the certificate

What will I learn how to do?

Certificate classes cover a range of skills and topics. Student projects in these classes include:

How will the certificate help me?

Recent receipients of the Digital Studies Certificate have gone on to a wide array of jobs and career paths including:

Who is eligible?

  • Undergraduate: Students from any CU Denver school or college
  • Graduate: Students from any CU Denver school or college + non-degree seeking students with a bachelor’s degree

How do I apply?