Chemistry Department Will Host Popular Teachers' Summer Research Program in Partnership with Cherry Creek High School

Published: April 21, 2024

The Chemistry Department will once again host the highly successful Teachers' Summer Research Program in partnership with Cherry Creek High School (CCHS) in summer 2024, funded by National Science Foundation. “The program hosts math or science teachers from CCHS each summer, who will work together on a small side-project to generate results that can be adapted for high-school teaching, including both in-class demonstration and/or student lab practice,” said Profs. Hai Lin and Emilie Guidez, who oversee the program. The curriculum to be created will be informed by national science standards, according to the CCHS teachers Mr. Ethan Dusto and Mr. Keith Harrison, who have signed up for the program this summer. This program will not only promote K-12 curriculum development and classroom innovation, but also enhance the pedagogical knowledge of the participant teachers, who will in turn inspire the next generation of students to pursue science.