Kari Campeau Continues Publishing on COVID Vaccination of Pregnant and Breastfeeding People

Published: Nov. 17, 2022

Assistant Professor in English Kari Campeau recently published a new article reporting on findings from a study supported by her New Faculty Grant from the Office of Research Services. This article, “Vaccination double bind: A study of pregnancy and COVID-19 vaccine decision-making.” (in Rhetoric Society Quarterly), comes from the larger study about social experiences with Covid vaccination and reports on Covid vaccine decision-making processes and communication practices of pregnant and breastfeeding people. Interviews and data analysis for this study were conducted in Jan 2021 - May 2021, a time when medical research about Covid vaccination during pregnancy was forthcoming and public health and clinical guidance was changing and, sometimes, conflicting. For these reasons, this study was a chance to delve into how people deliberated about vaccines with a relative lack of clinical data and with changing public health and medical guidance. As well, this study ended up offering insights into how logics of personalized health and intensive mothering weighed on many people's vaccine calculations.