Milo’s Brethren Coexisting with Recreation on Vail Pass is the Discussion at an Event Organized by Rudi Hartmann

Published: March 31, 2022

Professor Emeritus CTT Geography and Environmental Sciences Rudi Hartmann helped organize a panel event at the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail, on March 23rd, to discuss the complex relationship between wildlife and winter recreation. “Specifically, we want to address the question, and try to answer the question: Can the Canada Lynx, and the outdoor enthusiasts share the Vail Pass recreation area?” Hartmann said. A group of scientists conducted a study of how the Canada Lynx (reintroduced to Colorado in the early 2000s) and skiers, snowshoeing recreationists, and snowmobilers in the Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area share the slope. Hartman hopes to organize a similar event on the Auraria campus in the next academic year.

The lynx of Vail Pass appear to be coexisting with forest users, for now
Aspen Times, March 26