Published: Nov. 10, 2021

Sarah B. Horton, Associate Professor of Anthropology, has been conducting interviews with undocumented Latinx workers in Colorado since the start of the pandemic. She constantly hears stories of unsafe conditions from vulnerable workers each week. "As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends booster shots for 'high-risk workers',” Horton says, "it should not forget the undocumented immigrant workers whose safety was ignored as they were forced to work through last spring’s quarantine.”

Horton was also selected as a finalist by the American Anthropological Association to participate in the "Write to Change the World" workshop of the OpEd Project, an organization whose mission is to increase the range of voices and the quality of ideas we hear in the world. Horton will be returning to the Op-Ed Project's "Write to Change the World" workshop to help facilitate as an "Alum Ambassador."

Undocumented Workers Need Booster Shots, Too
The Progressive Magazine, Nov 1