Published: Oct. 13, 2021

The University of Colorado system and campuses will launch the Campus and Workplace Culture (CWC) Survey fall of 2021. The University of Colorado is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all members of our community feel respected, supported, and valued. The purpose of the Campus and Workplace Culture Survey is to gather information from CU students, staff, and faculty about their academic, workplace, and residential environments. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral parts of the CU strategic plan and specific metrics will result from the initial survey and action plans developed post-survey. Progress will be monitored through metrics, action plans and future survey administration. We will use the results from this survey to better understand our existing culture and to identify both strengths and areas of concern in order to make recommendations for creating and sustaining a just, equitable, and inclusive culture at CU. Employees will begin receiving emails tomorrow,  October 15th, l with a unique link to complete the survey, which will close on November 12th. More information is available at the CWC website.