MS Student Kyle Brown Continues Publishing in Nature and Cell Journals

Published: Aug. 19, 2021

In addition to recently successfully defending his thesis, Kyle Brown, MS Chemistry student in the Xiaojun Ren laboratory, has already made great contributions to the epigenetic and chromatin field. In July, Kyle published two papers in high profile, high impact journals. He was the first author of a paper published by Nucleic Acid Research, (“Single-molecule imaging of epigenetic complexes in living cells: insights from studies on Polycomb group proteins”), and second author of a paper published the journal Nature Communications, (“Nuclear condensates of p300 formed though the structured catalytic core can act as a storage pool of p300 with reduced HAT activity”). In addition, between 2019 and 2020 he was a co-first author of paper published in Cell Reports , (Phase-Separated Transcriptional Condensates Accelerate Target-Search Process Revealed by Live-Cell Single-Molecule Imaging) and a co-first author of a Journal of Biological Chemistry paper, (Nuclear condensates of the Polycomb protein chromobox 2 (CBX2) assemble through phase separation), which was selected as the best of year article to represent the field advance of biochemistry and molecular biology in 2019. Brown started his undergraduate research in the Ren laboratory as a research assistant, then advanced to the BS/MS program, and continued working with Dr. Ren for another two years.