Published: April 1, 2021

The Facility for Advanced Spatial Technology, the FAST Lab, presents a three-part series of webinar panel talks by distinguished faculty members. Each session provides thought-provoking avenues that help open and ongoing conversation on how one builds a literate, discerning, socially-just 21st Century world community. During this series we embark on a journey that will take us beyond Media Literacy into its foundational realm, Information Literacy.

Mapping Information Truths, April 5

Peter Anthamatten, Ph.D., Each Map's Quest

Majorie Levine-Clark, Ph.D., Have I Got a Story for You!

Robert Metcalf, Ph.D., Socrates Questions...

Earth: Life spaces, Places, & Living Truths, April 13

Rafael Moreno, Ph.D., GIS & Sustainable Resource Management

Amanda Weaver, Ph.D., Urban Framing: Sowing Seeds Locally

Matthew Cross, Ph.D., Trees, Satellites: Grounding Truths

Lives, Number, & Transformation: GIS Empowering All Peoples, May 3

Manish Shirgaokar, Ph.D., Spatial Information Transforming Lives

Alicia Cowart, Ph.D., Mapping the Unmapped: Guerilla Cartography

Esther Sullivan, Ph.D., Not ‘Just a trailer park:’ Living Spaces

To find out more about the series, click here. To register for events, please fill out this webform.