Published: Nov. 12, 2020

There is still funding from year two of the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) grant to use open educational resources (OER) in your teaching. Funding for each applicant ranges from $800-1000.  If interested, please submit 250 words or less addressing the following:

·         Your course name and description

·         The number of students typically taking this course

·         The type of OER you plan to use and how you will use it in your teaching

·         What is your current familiarity with or level of knowledge about OER?

Per rules established with this grant funding, you must adopt OER by 5/1/2021. This means you could fully implement OER in your spring 2021 courses or vet some OER materials in spring 2021 and then fully implement them in fall 2021. Auraria librarians are willing to consult with you for help. The first-round deadline to submit this short application is 12/1/2020, but applications will continue to be accepted beyond this deadline depending on demand. If interested, please contact Kevin Seeber ( in the Auraria library and include “OER Grant Proposal” in your email subject line when submitting your proposal.