Published: June 18, 2019

The CU Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors (UCDALI) is pleased to announce the recipients of the University of Colorado Denver CLAS Non-Tenure Track Faculty Professional Development grants for spring 2019.  We are grateful to Dean Jansma for funding these annual grants.

Moana Luri Almedia, Department of Communication Studies, will be presenting “The Dancing Asian: Transnational Media and Performance Studies through Embodied Theory” at the Decolonial Black Feminism School in Cachoeira, Bahia, Brazil.

Kirsten Christensen, Department of Geography & Environmental Science, will be doing curriculum revision for GEOG 1602 - Urban Studies and Planning, to incorporate and develop open education resources, seek input from colleagues in the field, and to incorporate existing learning materials that are accessible and relevant to the discipline. 

Thomas Duster, Department of Geography & Environmental Science, will attend a workshop that will enable him to incorporate one of the leading geochemical modeling software packages into upper-division and graduate courses in soil and water chemistry.

Jeffrey Golub, Department of Philosophy, presented his paper “The Last Animal: An Indifference Argument in Plato’s Protagoras” at the 19th Annual Ancient Philosophy Society hosted by Trinity College.

Christopher Merkner, Department of English, while working on his second book "Cheap Flights to Gothenburg: A Creative & Teaching Project" he will invite CLAS English literature and creative writing students into the process and practices of first-hand qualitative and anecdotal research. 

Maren Scull, Department of Sociology, will continue research on her project "The Stressors Facing LGBTQ+ Students, Faculty, and Staff on College Campuses."

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences received recent awards from the Graduate School

Professor Jan Mandel was awarded the 2019 Graduate School Dean's Master Student Mentoring Award, and Graduate Teaching Assistant Jordan Hall received the 2019 Dean's Distinguished Student Service Award.