Published: May 7, 2019


Presented by Dean Jansma on May 3rd, congratulations to all this year’s winners!

 Outstanding Bachelor of Arts
Nathan Novotny, BA English and BS Integrative Biology Fall 2018
Monica Peniche, BA Psychology Spring 2019

 Outstanding Bachelor of Science
Owen M.C. Berg, BS Integrative Biology and Psychology Fall 2018
Alex Tran, BS Integrative Biology Spring 2019

 Outstanding Master of Arts
Gracie Finnigan-Fox, MA Sociology Fall 2018
Hannah May Keller, MA Anthropology Spring 2019

 Outstanding Master of Science
Nicholas Bard, MS Integrative Biology Fall 2018
Jordan Robert Hall, MS Mathematics & Statistical Sciences Spring 2019

 Outstanding Ph.D.
Emily Hammad Mrig, PhD Health and Behavioral Sciences Spring 2019

Teaching Excellence Award - Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
Kristie Frie, Communication
Marta K. Maroń , Chemistry (Campus award winner)
Amanda Ritchie, Modern Languages

Teaching Excellence Award - Tenure Track Faculty
Sarah Hagelin, English
Amy A. Hasinoff, Communication
William Wagner, History (Campus award winner)

 Research/Creative Activities Award
Ben Greenwood, Psychology
Audrey Hendricks, Mathematics & Statistical Sciences
Sara Yeatman, Health and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty Service Award
Marino J.E. Resendiz, Chemistry

 Outstanding Staff Award
Barb Schmidt, Integrative Biology

Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award
Stephen J. Hartnett, Communication

 Excellence in Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion in Teaching
Donna Martinez, Ethnic Studies
Ryan Crewe, History

 Excellence in Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion in Service
Maren Scull, Sociology

 Excellence in Faculty Mentoring
Stephanie Santorico, Mathematics & Statistical Sciences (Campus award winner)

Outstanding Faculty Partnering in Advancement
Anthony Robinson, Political Science
Sam Walker, Philosophy

Service to the CU Denver Learning Resources Center Award
Marta K. Maroń , Chemistry

Retiring Faculty and Staff
Brenda J. Allen, Communication
Charles A. Ferguson, Integrative Biology
Sonja K. Foss, Communication
Andrea J. Haar, Sociology
Denise Leberer, Integrative Biology
Tim Phillips, Modern Languages
Agnes Romero-Moore, Modern Languages
Leslie Taylor, CLAS Academic Advising Office