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Published: March 11, 2019

I am thankful to receive Cecil Glenn's scholarship as it is fulfilling a legacy. As the professor of my mother, an alumni student and the founder of the Ethnic Studies program at the University of Colorado Denver, Cecil Glenn has always been a role model. This award has helped me in my last leg of achieving my goal as an Undergraduate by receiving my Bachelor's of Arts in Ethnic Studies. With this scholarship I was able to buy a few textbooks as well as buy a few other books for my research that is continuing in my Graduate work. – Tiffany Tasker

Dr. Cecil Glenn created the foundation of diversity offices on the University of Colorado Denver campus. He was recruited in 1972 as the assistant director of the Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) and became the EOP director a few years later in 1976. The Ethnic Studies courses that Dr. Glenn offered were so popular that a range of courses were available to students by the mid-1970s. When Ethnic Studies was awarded a four-year grant by the Department of Education to start a program at CU Denver, Dr. Glenn served as the founding director and also continued to serve as the EOP director until 1988, when he began serving fulltime as the Ethnic Studies director, a position he held until his retirement in 2000. Dr. Glenn’s support of Ethnic Studies has never wavered and his legacy to Ethnic Studies at CU Denver is being made a permanent part of campus history with the Dr. Cecil Glenn endowed scholarship for Ethnic Studies.

How to donate:
Checks can be made out to University of Colorado Foundation (include on the memo line of the check “gift is intended for the Cecil Glenn Scholarship, allocation number 0350160”) and mailed to ATTN: Ali Fernandez,  University of Colorado Denver, Office of Advancement, 1380 Lawrence St. , Suite 1201, Denver, CO 80204.
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