Published: Feb. 12, 2019

This link can take you to more information about this Friday’s workshop and 3 more workshops upcoming, plus rethinq, our spring unconference on March 15.

Digital Beginnings (An exploration of beginnings and transitions to digital pedagogy), Facilitated by ThinqStudio Fellow Ronica Rooks, Health & Behavioral Sciences, Friday, February 15, 12:00-3:30, CU CityCenter, 1250 14th Street, Denver

Right to Learn: Digital Community of Inquiry (Mission & methods of a research team of first-generation students curating & annotating legal cases relevant to the Right to Learn), Friday, March 1, 12:00-3:30; CU CityCenter, 1250 14th Street, Denver

Design Thinqing @ AMC (Applying Design Thinking at the AMC Education Scholarship & Innovation Symposium), Tuesday, March 12, 9:00-10:30 [NOTE: location at the AMC in Aurora]

Explorers’ Panel on Professional Learning Networks (Networking in communities of practice based on explorations at pedagogy conferences), Friday, April 19, 12:00-3:30

rethinq 101—the springtime ThinqStudio unconference (Explore creative & active teaching with keynote Michael Wesch of ANTH101, this year’s ThinqStudio Faculty Fellows, and you!), Friday, March 15, with activities through the day, 9:00-3:00; The Commons on Champa, 1245 Champa Street, Denver