Published: Jan. 31, 2019

Associate Professor Greg Cronin of Integrative Biology published the first peer-reviewed description of his field. “Applied Ecology Explained” was co-authored with Proffessor Adam Briggle (University of North Texas) and published in the Dec. 2018 volume of the Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences – Zoology. In addition to defining his field, Cronin shared a case study using the approach “transdisciplinary scholarship” that he described in 2014. The removal of plastic microbeads from personal care products used the transdisciplinary approach, resulted in Colorado becoming the fourth state to ban plastic microbeads, and the Microbead Free Waters Act of 2015. Prof. Briggle wrote “Prof. Cronin is blazing a path that will be vital to the future of research – in ecology and beyond. It is just unfortunate that he finds himself for the time being in the wilderness, waiting for others to catch up.” Contact Cronin if you want a PDF of the manuscript, or Cronin (2015) that was retracted and unavailable with the original journal.