Published: Nov. 29, 2018

Communication Professor Sonja Foss was celebrated at the National Communication Association convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 9, with a program, titled "Celebrating the Life and Career of Dr. Sonja K. Foss." Organized by Stephen Hartnett, the panel was: "to celebrate the 45-year-long career of Dr. Sonja K. Foss and offer her students, colleagues, and friends an opportunity to discuss Dr. Foss's remarkable contributions to communication excellence and joyous collegiality. Whether trailblazing the study of images, breaking new ground in feminist studies, launching the subfield of invitational rhetoric, or authoring her nine textbooks, Dr.Foss has been a leader in communication scholarship…”

In addition, Foss was the keynote speaker on October 26, at a conference on Visual Knowledge in Education and Science sponsored by the Rhetoric Department at the University Tübingen, in Berlin, Germany. The title of her presentation was "More Than the Eye Can See: A Rhetorical Schema for Evaluating Images."

Foss also had a recent article, "Options for the Construction of Attentional Social Presence in a Digitally Enhanced Multicommunicative Environment." published (with Jeanine Warissee Turner ) in Communication Theory, volume 28 (2018), pages 22-45.