Forward Your CU Denver Mail

How to forward your CU Denver email to your personal email address:
1. Go to
log in at top right of page. The username and password are the same for UCDAccess Portal.

2. At the top right, click the settings gear icon- select “Options”

3. On the left side of the screen expand “Mail”, expand “Automatic Processes” and select “Inbox rules”
i. Click on the + symbol to add a new rule
ii. Give the rule a name such as “Forward”
iii. Select “Apply to all messages” in the first drop down
iv. Select “Redirect” in the second drop down
v. Enter desired email at the top next to TO:
vi. Click ok

4. Click ok/save
Only messages sent after this rule is created will be forwarded.

Be aware that not all personal email accounts will be secure and some sensitive information may be forwarded.

Need more help? Call the help desk at 303-724-4357 option 6.