Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

The Strategic Communication Pathway focuses on historical and contemporary challenges, and theoretical and practical orientations, in how institutions and organizations communicate. Central within the pathway courses are questions about the role of communication and discourse in human organizing. Courses are guided by the principle that creating mutually beneficial relationships among organizations and their stakeholders is the task of strategic communication professionals, and coursework is oriented to exploring and practicing this principle within local, national, and international organizations, especially those possessing a service mandate. A combination of intensive education, hands-on training, and community service positions graduates to successfully contribute to and lead strategic communication activities within public, commercial, and non-governmental organizations. The Pathway focuses on organizational communication concepts including discourse, public relations, identity, culture, power, diversity, media, and technology.

The Department also offers a Certificate in Strategic Communication.


Pathway graduates are prepared for strategic management and communication positions within public, commercial, and non-governmental organizations. Students and graduates have interned and/or gone on to work for organizations including:

  •     Bayard Public Relations
  •     Bloom Marketing
  •     Children's Hospital Office of Public Relations
  •     Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  •     Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver
  •     Level 5 Marketing
  •     Linhart Public Relations
  •     Metzger Associates
  •     Ogilvy Public Relations
  •     The Integer Group
  •     Turner Public Relations
  •     Yelp

Contact the department's Internship Coordinator to discuss opportunities with these and other organizations.

  • 1071 Introduction to Journalism
  • 2045 Workplace Communication
  • 2051 Introduction to Strategic Communication
  • 2071 Media Writing Skills
  • 2081 New Media Production & Management
  • 3660 Social Media for Social Change
  • 3939 Internships
  • 4051 Advanced Strategic Communication
  • 4240 Organizational Communication
  • 4255 Negotiation and Bargaining
  • 4665 Principles of Advertising
  • 4995 Global Study courses that can involve the study of strategic communication (check with the Instructor)

For related courses outside Communication, consider electives from the College of Arts and Media, the School of Public Affairs, and the School of Business.

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