Captured Words Free Thoughts

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Writing and Art from America's Prisons

​​Check out the Volume 20 | Winter 2024 issue of Captured Words/Free Thoughts

Listen to the podcast from this edition on the Dr. Junkie Show, hosted by Dr. Benjamin Boyce.

We believe reducing crime and reclaiming our neighborhoods depends in part on enabling a generation of abandoned Americans to experience different modes of citizenship, self-reflection, and personal expression. Captured Words/Free Thoughts therefore aspires to empower its contributors, to enlighten its readers, and to shift societal perception so that prisoners are viewed as talented, valuable members of society, not persons to be feared. We believe in the humanity, creativity, and indomitable spirit of each and every one of our collaborators, meaning our magazine is a celebration of the power of turning tragedy into art, of using our communication skills to work collectively for social justice. 

Earlier editions of the magazine may be viewed at the links below. Please share your work with us by contacting Correspondence Editor, Dr. Benjamin Boyce, at, or via snail mail at the CU Denver Department of Communication, 1201 Larimer Street, Denver, CO, 80204.

The magazine represents a national coalition of educators, activists, and artists. Locally, the magazine flows from our work hosting educational workshops in Colorado. If you would like to join our team, please contact Dr. Stephen J. Hartnett, at

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