The Department of Communication offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor's degree online. We also offer Mediation and Strategic Communication certificates online. For more information about taking classes online, click here​ to visit the CU Online web site.

We currently offer the following courses online:

5 Required Entrance Classes:

COMM 1001, Presentations and Civic Life or COMM 2050, Professional Presentations
COMM 1011, Communication and Communities
COMM 1021, Introduction to Media Studies
COMM 2020, Communication, Citizenship, and Social Justice
COMM 2075, Research and Writing for Communication

16 Possible Selections from our Pathways:

COMM 1041, Interpersonal Communication
COMM 2030, Digital Change
COMM 4260, Communication and Conflict
COMM 4262, Mediation
COMM 4270, Intercultural Communication Democracy
COMM 2045, Workplace Communication
COMM 2051, Introduction to Strategic Communication
COMM 2082, Introduction to Environmental Communication
COMM 2500, Introduction to Health Communication
COMM 3271, Communication and Diversity
COMM 3650, Media and Society
COMM 3660, Social Media for Social
COMM 4610, Communication and Sexuality
COMM 4621, Visual Communication
COMM 4665, Principles of Advertising
COMM 4682, Political Communication

5 Possible Selections from our Exit Classes:

COMM 3939, Internships
COMM 4051, Advanced Strategic Communication
COMM 4500, Health Communication
COMM 4550, Rhetoric of Medicine and Health
COMM 4700, Thesis and Project Practicum