For current CLAS students who have already attended an initial required Transfer Advising Group Session (for transfer students) or New Student Orientation / Advising Day (for first-year students) and are assigned to a CLAS advisor, please follow these instructions in order to set up a CLAS Advising appointment:

  1. Log in at with your UCDAccess username/password
  2. Click [Get Assistance] button
  3. Select “Academic Advising”  for type of appointment
  4. Select “College of Liberal Arts and Sciences” for why would you like to see someone
  5. In the next drop down, choose the advising topic you want to discuss
  6. Click [Next >]
  7. Select “College of Liberal Arts and Sciences” for location
  8. The “Who would you like to meet with” option is greyed out – that’s OK and it will default to your Assigned CLAS Advisor (that’s me)
  9. Click [Next >]
  10. Use the calendar to select a time that works for you - There are arrows above the calendar that lets you move week-to-week
  11. Click [Next >]
  12. Carefully read the info on the next screen.
  13. Scroll down, enter comments in the box (like if you want to meet in person, want the Advisor to call you instead, or if you want to meet over video conference).
  14. Then – VERY IMPORTANT – you must click [Confirm Appointment] – If you don’t confirm the appointment, no appointment will be created.
  15. You will receive a confirmation email at your email accountIf you don’t receive this email, an appointment was not scheduled.
  16. If you have questions, you can call 303-315-7100