Communication Programs

  •  Degrees Offered: B.A., Minor, Undergraduate Certificate, M.A., Graduate Certificate

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The Communication Department offers one undergraduate degree, a minor, three undergraduate certificates, a graduate degree, and a graduate certificate. A degree in communication develops knowledge and skills that are required for many different fields, including advertising, business, international relations, education, public service, government and politics, health care, and public relations. Because college graduates are expected to change careers approximately seven times over the course of their lives, and because employers across a wide variety of fields primarily seek applicants with strong oral and written communication skills, a degree in communication is a versatile and timely choice.

The communication major at the University of Colorado Denver has as its focus and mission the development of the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to use communication to create a more civil and humane world. The curriculum was developed to counter the pervasive atmosphere of unrelenting contention and uncivil communication that characterizes the contemporary world. The minor in communication is designed to provide students who are not communication majors with knowledge and skills in communication that are useful in any discipline or profession. Both the undergraduate and graduate certificates seek to enhance students' skills in mediation and strategic communication. The graduate program has prepared past students for careers as public affairs officers, web designers, and marketing directors, as well as entrance into some of the nation's top Ph.D. programs in communication.