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Communication developing innovative concurrent instruction between Denver and Beijing

This semester, Kristy Frie, communication instructor, and Supriya Karudapuram, communication instructor at the International College Beijing, are concurrently teaching COMM 2020 (Communication, Citizenship, and Social Justice). They seek to harness the potential of Canvas to foster communication between students in Denver and Beijing and promote dialogue and debate on Citizenship and Communication. The specific topics that will be the foci of this experimental pedagogical initiative include: Amendment 14, 20th Century Citizenship, Martin Luther King Jr., Agape and a Template for 21st Century Civil Rights. They are using the department's social justice website for students to 'blog' their discussion assignment ideas on global citizenship.  The department is hoping this venture will serve as a template for further international, concurrent teaching in the future.

For example, communication senior instructor and undergraduate advisor EJ.Yoder and Karudapuram are seeking to collaborate on an on-line communication initiative, through Canvas, to connect students in COMM 4720 (Dynamics Global Communication). The collaboration, which is currently in the planning stage, will strive to implement discussions, dialogue, and debate on cultural globalization; i.e. a critical engagement with the flow of commodities and culture across borders. Yoder is also in conversations with Auraria library staff about various platforms to help facilitate similar collaborations in the future for other Communication courses.



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