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Letters from the Deans

Message from Dean Daniel J. Howard

Message from Dean Daniel J. Howard

The Academic Year Begins

When Katy Brown broke it to me last week that it was time to think about writing the first Deans’ Notes message of the 2011-2012 academic year, I knew that summer was officially over (regardless of what the calendar said).  This reality was further impressed upon me by the spate of activities on my calendar this week: a chairs retreat, a leadership training workshop, and a new student convocation, to mention only a few.  While the end of summer always brings with it a certain twinge of regret—the unfinished manuscript, the only partially completed reading list, the mountain hikes not taken—this lament is more than compensated for by the energy and excitement of a campus that is filling with students. 

Although the growth of our student body is slowing, we continue to attract large numbers of first year students, as well as transfer students, who are drawn to CU Denver by its presence in the center of a great metropolitan area and its reputation for high quality teaching.  Students are excited and proud to be here, and it is clear from my conversations with faculty and staff that we are just as excited and proud to welcome them to our community and to take the lead in helping them grow and learn during this critical phase of their lives.   

I am sure that I can count on all of you to extend a warm welcome to our students and to make special efforts over the course of the next several weeks to help new students navigate unfamiliar campus paths and hallways.  A kind word and a demonstration of real interest at this time of transition can make all the difference in helping a student adjust to university life.

Enjoy the weekend and the fall semester of 2011,



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Academic Dishonesty: What you can do

From Associate Dean Jeff Franklin

As you finalize your syllabi, please consider including some statement of your choice concerning academic ethics. It seems to me that cheating has become more prevalent on our campus, and this is consonant with the national trend, according to studies I've read.

The attached syllabus template provides a short and a long option, or feel free to write your own. Here is one that Douglas Howey from Physics sent me:

  • Academic Integrity is Fully Expected: Academic dishonesty is a serious offense at the University because it diminishes the quality of scholarship and the learning experience for everyone on campus.  An act of Academic Dishonesty may lead to sanctions including a reduction in grade (up to and including a permanent F for the course), probation, suspension, or expulsion.  Academic dishonesty includes cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, submitting the same paper or work for more than one class, and facilitating academic dishonesty.  For definitions and more information, see the CLAS website.

In an age when students expect to have all the answers at their fingertips electronically, I think it will become increasingly contingent upon us to educate them about what constitutes academic dishonesty. Please consider taking a moment in one of your classes to talk about poor choices that previous students have made and about the importance of academic integrity to our entire enterprise.

Please use this form letter if you need to communicate with students who require further education about academic dishonesty.

Please direct question to Associate Dean Jeff Franklin.

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CLAS ACT Recipients 2011-12

CLAS Advancing Curricula and Teaching (ACT) funding (up to $3,500) is designated to further develop a campus environment which supports and encourages approaches to teaching and learning that advance goals of the college’s strategic plan.  Proposals this year focused on projects related to interdisciplinary initiatives (e.g., curricula, teaching, colloquia, workshops, and community events).  

Ann Chin, Geography and Environmental Sciences
Casey Allen, Geography and Environmental Sciences
Jon Barbour, Geography and Environmental Sciences
Gregory Simon, Geography and Environmental Sciences
Bryan Wee, Geography and Environmental Sciences
“Developing Synthetic Approaches to Interdisciplinary Training” 

Laurel Hartley, Integrative Biology
Leo Bruederle, Integrative Biology
Doris Kimbrough, Chemistry
Robert Talbot, School of Education and Human Development
“Developing a Learning Assistant Program to Promote Learning in Large Introductory Science Courses” 

David Hildebrand, Philosophy
“Host of Visiting Scholar on Public Reason and Democracy (specialty American Philosophy/Political Science)” 

Sarah Horton, Anthropology
“Revitalizing the Anthropology Department’s Concentration in Medical Anthropology: Organizing a Complementary Speaker Series for the Core Course in Medical Anthropology”

Andres Lema-Hincapie, Modern Languages
Conxita Domenech, Modern Languages
“Ventura Pons: The Unconventional Gaze of Catalan Cinema”

Ronica N. Rooks, Health and Behavioral Sciences
“The Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Project: Experiential Learning for Health Policy students and Policy Intervention for the Northeast Park Hill Community” 

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CLAS Spotlight

Bruederle presents co-authored paper with former student
Bruederle presents co-authored paper with former student

Carol English (M.S., 2008) and Leo P. Bruederle, associate professor of integrative biology, co-authored a paper with Aaron Wenzel and Andi Wolfe (The Ohio State University) that was delivered at the annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America held in St. Louis.  Their paper addressed the reproductive biology and genetic diversity in Penstemon degeneri (Plantaginaceae), a rare species that is restricted in distribution to Colorado. This collaborative research examines the apportionment of genetic diversity in Degener’s beard tongue within the context of its pollination biology, which was described by English for her M.S. degree.  Carol is currently a botanist at Yosemite National Park.

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Damrauer is interviewed in 'Chemical & Engineering News'
Damrauer is interviewed in 'Chemical & Engineering News'

Black-Box Chemistry
Chemical & Engineering News, Aug. 15
Professor of Chemistry Robert Damrauer is interviewed for his experience with computational chemistry.

"And even with straightforward problems, chemists need to remember that a computational result isn’t necessarily the end of the story, says Robert Damrauer, an organic chemistry professor at the University of Colorado, Denver. Damrauer has been hobnobbing with theorists for decades. In the 1980s, he says, he realized the need to involve computation in his flowing afterglow studies, in which he used mass spectrometry to study ions reacting with neutral molecules. 'The only thing you got out of the experiment was a mass-to-charge ratio, which tells you the mass of the species” produced, Damrauer recalls. 'All we’d get was number 61—that could be five different things.'"

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Tomback's research earns whitebark pine recognition for deserving a spot on endangered species list
Tomback's research earns whitebark pine recognition for deserving a spot on endangered species list

Rainier's trees could hold key to saving whitebark pines
Seattle Times, Jul. 21
The research of Diana Tomback, professor of integrative biology, earns the whitebark pine recognition for deserving a spot on the endangered species list.  This article was picked up by several national newspapers online.

"'Within the last 10 years or so, blister rust has really ratcheted up in the frequency of infection,' said Diana Tomback, a whitebark pine expert and chair of the University of Colorado at Denver's integrative biology department."

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CLAS staff honored for service to the university
CLAS staff honored for service to the university

Staff Recognition Luncheon

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences had nine employees celebrate anniversaries with the University of Colorado Denver this year.  A reception was held for all the university employees with milestone anniversaries in recognition of their years of service on Wednesday, Jul. 20 at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Twenty-Five Years
Agnes Romero-Moore, Philosophy

Ten Years
Laura Cuellar, Chemistry
Corwin Gruebele, Political Science
In Soo Kang, Economics, English and Natural Sciences Computer Labs
Catherine Rathbun, Chemistry

Five Years
Katy Brown, Dean’s Office
Vandy Campbell, Dean’s Office
Lindsay Hiatt, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
Heather Sours, Dean’s Office

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Student Life Events

Student Life Events: Aug 22-28

August 23
Movie on the Lawn: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Between Arts and Plaza

Join us for popcorn and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on campus!  Bring your families and friends to enjoy  a film outdoors! Sponsored by the UCD Student Programming Board, CCD Student Life, Metro Student Activities, and UCD Student Life.

August 24
Stop and Serve
Tivoli Commons                

The Welcome Week Stop & Serve will have service projects and awareness information for animal adoption and the humane treatment of animals. The Denver Dumb Friends League Mobile Adoption truck will be on-campus and students will have the opportunity to make chew toys and blankets out of recycled clothing for animals in Denver shelters. Bring some friends, stop by and do some good. Everybody  has 5 minutes to serve! For more information contact Kyra Tarbell Sponsored by University of Colorado Denver Experiential Learning Center, UCD Office of Student Life, Metro Student Activities, and CCD Student Life.

August 25
CU Denver Live! Catch the Vapor 
live & local Denver music and food
Tivoli Commons            

CU Denver Live welcomes new students back with a concert and free food!  Get to know campus organizations and get free food in the process from Denver’s best food trucks.  Concert includes Air Dubai and Jonny 5 from the Flobots along with other musical guests.  Sponsored by CU Denver Live and CU Denver Office of Student Life.

For more information, contact Assistant Director of Student Life Joe Halter.

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CLAS Events

Constitution Day

Friday and Saturday, Sept. 16-17

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Inter-institutional History Group, with membership from University of Colorado Denver, Metro State College of Denver, Community College of Denver and the Auraria Library, is planning their second Constitution Day event for the Auraria Campus. Please save the dates of Friday, Sept. 16 and Saturday, Sept. 17 for a series of nationally-known speakers who will talk about the Constitution and the Civil War.  Highlights will include an event with Juanita Leisch Jensen and Les Jensen, two experts on clothing of the Civil War era and a Victorian ball on Saturday night.

For more information, contact Rebecca Hunt or call 303-556-3442.

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Oct. 16-22

This fall, several events have been organized that we hope will encourage alumni to come “home,” and that current students, faculty and staff will find engaging. Our goal is to create stronger connections with you and become a more vital piece of your network.

The inaugural Homecoming for CU Denver will take place the week of Oct. 16-22, culminating in the keynote speaker, Maya Angelou at the Paramount Theatre, and a BBQ with a chance to cheer on the CU Buffalos with a home field advantage.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will have additional events planned for alumni, students, faculty and staff.  Stay tuned for more information.

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View all CLAS events on our website

To view all CLAS Events, please visit our event calendar

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