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Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award Lecture

September 20
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Tivoli, John Goode Room 422

How Change Happens: An Explication of the Paradigms of Constricted and Constructed Potentiality
Sonja K. Foss, Professor, Department of Communication

In her lecture, Dr. Foss will identify and explicate two paradigms for generating change. In the paradigm of constricted potentiality, change agents focus on material conditions and use persuasion to change those conditions and improve their internal states. In the paradigm of constructed potentiality, change agents focus on symbolic resources and use interpretation to change their own internal states, which then influence material conditions. Options available for change have been limited by a nearly exclusive embrace of the paradigm of constricted potentiality, and the alternatives offered in the paradigm of constructed potentiality have been largely undeveloped—unseen, ignored, or perceived as flukes. A greater array of options for accomplishing change become available when this alternative paradigm is considered and applied.




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