Peter Kaplan headshot
Professor • Psychology Department Chair

Mailing Address:
Department of Psychology 
Campus Box 173, PO Box 173364 
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Physical Location:
North Classroom Building
1200 Larimer Street
Room 5002H (5th floor)

Office Hours:
by appointment

Expertise Areas:
Infant Learning, Postpartum Depression, Conditioning and Learning, Experimental Psychology

A.B., 1978, Rutgers College
Ph.D., 1982, Indiana University

Peter Kaplan, Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology, joined the CU-Denver faculty in 1984. His research has focused on basic learning processes in non-human animals and human infants. He is currently the director of the Infant Learning Laboratory where he studies the effects of postpartum depression on infant learning and cognitive development.

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Porritt, L. L., Zinser, M. C., Bachorowski, J.-A., & Kaplan, P. S. (2014). Depression diagnoses and fundamental-frequency based acoustic cues in maternal infant- directed speech. Language Learning & Development, 10, 51-67.

Kaplan, P. S., Danko, C. M., Kalinka, C. J., & Cejka, A. M. (2012). A developmental decline in the learning-promoting effects of maternal infant-directed speech for infants of mothers with chronically elevated symptoms of depression. Infant Behavior & Development, 35, 369-379.

Kaplan, P. S., Danko, C. M., Diaz, A., & Kalinka, C. J. (2011). An associative learning deficit in one-year-old infants of depressed mothers: Role of depression duration. Infant Behavior & Development, 34, 35-44.

Kaplan, P. S., Danko, C. M., & Diaz, A. (2010). A privileged status for male infant-directed speech in infants of depressed mothers? Role of father involvement. Infancy, 15, 151-175.

PSYC 1000: Introductory Psychology I
PSYC 3222: Principles of Learning
PSYC 4164: Psychology of Perception