Politics In Action

The CU Denver Political Science Department is relaunching our annual student journal: Praxis, Politics in Action. We invite you to submit your student paper/manuscript for reviewal for publication in the late spring of 2023. 

This will be the fourth edition of the journal. Previous versions of the journal can be found here: https://bit.ly/PraxisPoliticsinActionDropbox

The journal serves as a venue for undergraduate and graduate students in the CU Denver Political Science Department to publish their scholarly and creative work. We are committed to advancing the public good through accessible scholarship.

Guidelines for Submissions

To be considered for publication in the spring 2023 edition of PRAXIS, please submit your manuscript by December 30, 2022. Earlier submissions are appreciated. 

Your work must be:

  • 10-25 pages long

  • Double-space

  • 12-point font 

  • 1 inch margins 

Please use American Political Science Association (APSA) citation style, following the guidelines of the APSA style manual

Submit your manuscript tobetcy.jose@ucdenver.edu

Editorial Review Process:  All submissions will be reviewed by manuscript referees. Feedback will be provided to selected authors, who will then revise and resubmit the manuscript. All decisions regarding whether the final manuscript’s quality is appropriate for publication in the journal remain the decision of the journal’s editorial team. Final drafts of manuscripts will be due March 17, 2023. 

Questions may be addressed to Betcy Jose at Betcy.Jose@ucdenver.edu or Mark Ortiz at Mark.Ortiz@ucdenver.edu