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Instructor • Undergraduate Advisor
Political Science

Office Location: Office #3222
3rd Floor of the Student Commons Building
1201 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80204

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Expertise Areas: Environmental policy and politics, animal and earth rights, U.S. judiciary, U.S. Constitution, U.S. legal system, media and politics.

B.A., Metropolitan State University of Denver
M.A.  University of Colorado Denver
J.D.  University of Denver

Karen Breslin holds a law degree from the University of Denver and an M.A. from UC-Denver. She has also completed graduate coursework at the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. She is a long-time employee of the National Park Service, where she currently serves as senior policy advisor to the regional director. She is also a lawyer in private practice where she focuses on environmental and animal rights cases. Previously she was a staff reporter for the Bureau of National Affairs Inc., now Bloomberg BNA, covering energy and campaign finance legislation in Congress and legal developments in Colorado and Wyoming. She primarily teaches courses related to law and the environment.  

Environmental Health Perspectives – Monthly journal of environmental health-related developments and research published by the National Institute for Environmental Health Science, Department of Health and Human Services.

In Our Own Backyards: The Continuing Threat of Hazardous Waste, November 1993

Global Climate Change: Beyond Sunburn, May 1994

Radio-Free America: What to Do with the Waste, October 1994

The Impact of Ozone, July-August 1995

What Cost Environmental Health?, November 1995

Airing on the Side of Caution or Pulling Standards out of Thin Air?, May 2000 Arsenic in Asia: Water at its Worst, “Science Selection” section, May 2000

Hot New Report on Climate Change, "Environews" section, April 2001

US EPA Indian Environmental Office, "EHP net" section, May 2001

PSC 1101 -- American Political System
PSC 1001 -- Introduction to Political Science
PSC 3074 -- Politics, Culture and the Environment
PSC 4014 -- Media and Politics
PSC 3035 -- Political Movements: Race, Gender
PSC 3042 -- Introduction to International Relations
PSC 4236 -- U.S. Foreign Policy
PSC 4394 -- National Policies and Administration
PSC 4374 -- Public Priorities: Policy and Ethics
PSC 4354 -- Environmental Politics
PSC 4477 -- Constitutional Law I
PSC 4487 -- Constitutional Law II
PSC 4494 -- Judicial Politics
PSC 4827 -- Women & the Law
PSC 4837 -- Contemporary Issues in Civil Liberties
PSC 5354 -- Environmental Politics