Berlin: Bridging Global Divides

Once a fiercely contested battleground, today's Berlin offers solutions for a more peaceful world. Progressive and environmental politicians and advocates have found their home in Berlin. In this program, students take four seminars that cover both current politics with a focus on underrepresented minorities and the environment as well as Germany’s history, looking at German colonialism as well as Nazi and communist dictatorships.

From early February to early May 2024, students take up to 4 seminars and an optional internship. 

  • PSCI 4365/5365 - Global Ecological Crisis

  • PSCI 4224/5224 - Dictatorships in the 21st Century

  • HIST 4810/5810 - Special Topics

  • SOCY 3995/5995 - Global Study Topics (3-6 Credits; graduate students in PSCI can take this class and count it as PSCI 5995 - Global Study Topics)

​Students may also intern with German organizations that work with refugees or sustainability/environmental issues. Our local partner in Berlin is the world-renowned Ecologic Institute, an environmental think tank.

Students will be housed in central Berlin in shared apartments or with a host family. Students will explore Europe on class excursions. Past trips included weekend-long visits to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Dessau.


  • CU Denver’s Semester in Berlin program is open to all CU Denver students, as well as non-CU Denver students in good academic standing. Non-CU Denver students are not eligible to receive CU Denver credit for the internship component of the program. Non-CU Denver students are encouraged to seek credit for the internship through their home institution.

  • Undergraduate GPA requirement: 2.75. Graduate GPA requirement: 3.0.

  • German language proficiency is not required.

Program Fee:

  • Approximately $12,420 + airfare and personal expenses

  • Scholarships are available on our website, with applications open from Oct. 27 - Nov. 10, 2023. 

Travel Dates:

  • February 4 - May 4, 2024

  • Apply by Nov. 1, 2023. 

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