The 4+1 accelerated Master’s program in Political Science is an expedited program of study that allows students to complete a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Political Science in as few as 5 years.

Majors in either Political Science or International Studies are invited to apply to the program. 

High-achieving undergraduates can apply to the program anytime after achieving Junior standing. Upon acceptance, students are allowed to take graduate-level courses during their remaining semesters of undergraduate study. These classes count BOTH towards satisfying requirements of the BA major and the Master’s degree in Political Science. 

Students may take up to 5 dual-counted graduate seminars so that by the time their undergraduate degree is complete, they are already half-way done with their master's degree.   

This program is intended for outstanding undergraduate Political Science and International Studies majors who have demonstrated graduate-level academic skills and can do graduate-quality work as undergraduates. 

Benefit From

  • Award-winning faculty in such fields as International Studies, Local Civic Engagement & Public Leadership, Community Organizing & Development, and Indigenous Politics.  
  • Completing 15 of 30 required graduate credits concurrently with undergraduate studies
  • Enhanced Career Prospects as a Master of Political Science
  • Guided Research with Faculty Mentor
  • Opportunities for professional internships and community-based action research
  • Funded teaching & research assistant positions

For more information, please contact Dr. Michael Berry, our Graduate Program Director; or Dr. Minsun Ji, Director of our New Directions Graduate Program.