Kristin Roy: Shaping Politics from Colorado to DC

Published: April 29, 2024

Current Denverite, Kristin Roy reflects on her time as a CU Denver PSCI student and a prior political staffer, which included a tenure at the White House and work on political campaigns, all of which shaped her academic goals.Kristin with Milo

Her work for the George W. Bush administration took her around the world, culminating in a humbling experience at the NATO Summit in Bucharest, Romania in 2008, where she worked alongside international leaders and realized the importance of collaboration:

Teamwork is the most important thing I learned while working at The White House. Between other staffers, U.S. Secret Service, the White House Communications Agency, event hosts, and the White House Press Corps, it took a team to create and cover presidential events. It was an honor of a lifetime and the skills I learned have helped me in all of my endeavors. 

Kristin also had significant roles on the McCain and Romney campaigns. As a Press Advance Lead, she strengthened her communication and cooperation skills in the fast-paced world of political campaigns.

Kristin became interested in global politics and history after transferring to CU Denver and taking Professor Hassan's International Security class. Despite her brief time at CU Denver, Kristin has built lasting ties with her peers, appreciating the companionship and intellectual exchange that has defined her academic experience. Her favorite part of her CU Denver experience was the knowledge she gained in Dr. Hassan's class, which drove her desire to pursue further studies in international affairs at the George Washington University.