Hazzel Chavira: McNair Scholar, Researcher and Equality Advocate

Published: March 7, 2024
Hazzel Chavira

Hazzel Chavira, a first-Generation Latina, candidly discusses her educational journey as a political science major. Her college experience was a turning point, allowing her not only to seek answers to problems but also to tackle the stigma associated with political participation in racial and ethnic communities. 

Having first believed that elected officials would represent the people's wishes, she was shocked to see white supremacist ideals promoted throughout legislative processes. This extends beyond elected officials to their aids, interns, and supporting workers, raising concerns about the state's future. 

Despite the difficulties, Hazzel is actively involved in student organizations and research opportunities. She is a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Society and the Honors Scholars Program. With a strong focus on systemic issues, she intends to submit a research proposal for the upcoming RaCAS conference, focusing on the damaging double standards that surround political discourse. 

Hazzel reflects on her academic path and identifies her favorite course, PSCI 1001, taught by Professor James Walsh. She praises Professor Walsh for encouraging self-reflection and critical thinking, highlighting the value of multicultural views in education. 

Hazzel plans to pursue a doctorate, despite the hurdles that come with being a first-generation Latina. She thanks Professor Robinson and her other mentors for their assistance and guidance, which helped her manage the complexities of academics while putting her on track for success.